About Us

"For the Strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack"


Our philosophy allows players opportunities to grow and find success, no matter where you start. Whether you are new to basketball, or an experienced player, we will develop your individual skills while providing competitive situations that meet your needs.

Pack Hoops is committed to making the entire athletic experience positive and fulfilling. We will teach skills, develop leadership traits, and challenge each player to be his best. Your work ethic and coachability will determine how far you can go! 


Our philosophy is to use athletics as a vehicle for teaching life lessons, developing skills, and empowering players to demonstrate strong leadership skills now and in the future. Our goal is to mentor young men by helping them reach their full potential in every endeavor by encouraging them to put forth maximum effort at all times so they become the best that they are capable of becoming. We incorporate our core values of integrity, service, and hard work while keeping the program and team's best interests as our priority. We want our players to compete with sound fundamentals, a positive attitude, maximum effort, and toughness. As coaches and leaders, we will “walk the talk.” We will model the character and conduct expected of our athletes. We want to build lifelong relationships and a culture that encompasses past, present, and future participants.

A key piece of our development is having all players participate in weekly leadership training sessions. We are convinced that leadership is a skill. Skills can be taught so we work hard to train our athletes as leaders. We will use classroom sessions guided by a specific character/leadership curriculum. The classroom lessons will be reinforced during practices and games.

On the court, we want players to learn how to play, not just run plays. Fundamentals are the foundation for athletic success. We teach fundamentals by progressively adding more speed, decision-making, and complexity. Once players grow in confidence through the progressions, we encourage them to play with confidence, not over-thinking each situation. We want all players to learn each position on the floor, and play together as a team.

We value effort, accountability, grit, belief, and unselfish behavior. Players are taught to live out those values on and off the court. We want each player to realize that he brings value to the team and that we all rely on each other to be our best. Pack Hoops uses the motto, “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” This concept embodies the equal emphasis on team and individual development.

Players should have fun, play hard, and play smart! 


Our philosophy on player development is that we want players to learn how to play the game. We use a games-based approach. Players will have the skills and experience needed to play in any system. Our teaching philosophy is a progression that has three phases:

#1 Learning and mastering technical skills - Players do drills without a defender so that they can learn the technical aspects of basketball skills. We work on the technical skill until it becomes a habit.

#2 Add controlled reads – In this phase, we add a defender and teach players how to read the defender and react accordingly. Coaches predetermine situations and control movements so that players learn how to find success against a variety of defensive actions. This phase starts with 1 v 1, and progresses from 2 v 2 to 5 v 5. Players learn the perceptual skills needed to be successful.

#3 Live play – Coaches create situations without predetermined movement. Players have “live” offense and defense competing. The random actions allow players to experience a variety of challenges. Coaches help players evaluate and learn from each challenge. Action is 1 v 1 up to 5 v 5.

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